Burger King

Bolder combos, stronger sales

Bolder combos, stronger sales

Co-creating with BK’s audience to drive effectiveness

Task: To improve BK’s value perception in South Africa.


Phase 1: Promo concept testing. 2599 burger lovers in 3 days.
Phase 2: Communications concepts testing. 1811 burger lovers in 3 days.
Phase 3: Post-campaign tracking. 2022 burger lovers in 3 days.

Creative Intelligence: Identified ‘King of the Day’ as the winning promo concept, resulting in 86% increase in BK’s average daily sales over the campaign period, one of the most successful campaigns for South Africa. Identified the winning communications execution ’Petrol & Sneakers’, 50% of the target audience said the ads improved their perception of Burger King as a ‘brand that offers value’.

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