Making climate change something to sing about

Making climate change something to sing about

The power of culture to drive positive global action

Task: Drive greater urgency and action at COP26.

Audience: Climate Change attitudes amongst 4,955 youth in 2 continents.

Intelligence: Young adults are most motivated to take action when they have fun cultural experiences that connect them to local and international communities.

Creative: Using the universal language of music as an agent of change for climate action, ADNA partnered with UNLive (The Museum For The United Nations), Grammy award-winning artists and spiritual leaders in South America to create a music track, Grita Tierra ‘scream earth’. This captivating song amplifies the unheard voices of people and nature who are unfairly impacted by the consequences of climate change and environmental hazards brought forth by carbon emissions. We created hundreds of unique content capsules in multiple languages to spread the word in the march to COP26.

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