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ADNA Consulting

Creative IntelligenceTM Consultancy

Data-driven creative solutions

ADNA (Audience DNA) is a Creative IntelligenceTM consultancy built upon a proprietary quantitative research platform that incorporates real-time audience feedback into business strategising and creative thinking processes, so you can make braver decisions with more confidence.

Our breakthrough proprietary technology, Dynamic Audience Platform, creates zero-party data, powered by 600M ‘real’ people worldwide in 120 countries. ADNA’s agility and affordability transforms the way we use quantitative data. It allows regular audience participation, like a sonar device helping to reveal the terrain ahead.

Leveraging real-time intelligence, our best-in-class creative and strategic thinkers help you build bolder, braver solutions to take advantage of market opportunities. We work with the agility of a small business but we are made up of highly experienced, world-class talent, strategically located in key global markets.

Our iterative problem-solving approach helps you zero in on opportunities with greater speed, accuracy and efficiency, giving you the assurance you need to lead with conviction.

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Brave Decision-Making

Bringing the audience into your boardroom

We believe that the more regularly you stay connected to your audience, the better you can serve them; co-creating products, services and communications that are well-considered and deeply desired.

Zero-Party Data

Be assured in your decision-making with real-time feedback and opinions from thousands of people in just days, using our Dynamic Audience Platform with access to over 600M people in 120 countries.

Audience Co-Creation

Our unique creative process provides real-time audience participation in helping develop winning strategies and solutions to grow your business and outplay your competitors.

Agile Process

We are structured like a small business but made up of highly experienced, world-class talent, strategically located in key global markets. We work with speed without compromising accuracy and quality.

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Our People

  1. David Mayo

    Group CEO

    and Bravery

  2. Gary Tranter


    Keeping eggs out of the custard

  3. Matt Cullen


    For sure there
    are aliens

  4. Michelle Beh

    Head of Strategy

    Strategy is sacrifice.

  5. Nishant Kaushal

    Head of Data, Strategy & Solutions

    Fueling your fearless growth moves

  6. Gracy Mathovani

    General Manager

    Be bold, be italic,
    but never regular.

  7. April Han

    General Manager (DANA)

    Lead. Learn. Laugh.

  8. Susie Hunt

    CEO (ADNA China)

    The China Perspective

  9. Bellamia Agustina

    General Manager (NADA Indonesia)

    Just walk, if you really cannot run!

  10. Paul Sidartha

    CCO (NADA Indonesia)

    Life's a song; sing it wholeheartedly

  11. Haruna McWilliams

    General Manager (ADNA Europe)

    The universe unfolds as it should

  12. Spencer Battista

    CCO (ADNA Australia)

    Prolific passion
    to inspire

  13. Mahadevan Supaya

    Finance Director

    Collaborate to innovate

  14. Kelvin Gin

    Regional Director of Research

    Some see problems,
    I see progression

  15. Vanessa Soh

    Account Director

    All-action pocket rocket

  16. Marcus Tay

    Account Director

    Opportunity in adversity