While delivery services were booming during Covid, restaurants were being crippled by their 20-30% service fee, refusing to let restaurants charge for it.

Many of Singapore’s favourite restaurants were on the brink of bankruptcy, so ADNA together with a team of journalists began investigating the situation.

In 3 days ADNA connected with 5,322 people to better understand public perception.


Once the plight of the restaurants was understood, 70% said they’d start reducing the number of delivery orders, and start going direct to the restaurants to help pass back the savings.

Once armed with the Creative IntelligenceTM, the journalists further helped raise awareness with a series of articles in the local newspapers and online news sites.

The right data at the right time in the hands of the best creative people was a strong force for effecting behavioural change.

During these turbulent times, staying close to your audience to better understand the shifting sands of its impact on society is imperative.