A famous bread brand had been making the same dough for years. Same range. Same packaging. Same pricing. But consumer tastes had changed.

Their R&D department was tasked to create an all-round, healthier ‘lifestyle’ bread range that addresses the growing health needs of South Africans.

We asked 1,228 people in just three days.


Healthier choices can mean many things, so we tested a number of new health bread concepts. Some of the initial assumptions of key health benefits were not seen as credible for a loaf of bread to claim, but ADNA provided a better understanding of how to position their product in a way that is attractive yet believable for their audience.

Through a series of iterative research rounds, we validated positioning, claims, packaging.

A process that would normally take a year to execute was accelerated using ADNA’s Creative IntelligenceTM, bouncing off our audience all the way down the innovation funnel with speed and accuracy.

All that was left to do was light up the ovens and start making some dough!