Chinese New Year is a ferocious time for marketers. Every brand is fighting to get noticed over a short period with the same old family insights.

One brave band of marketers set about finding new angles on old familiar family favourites. Like, how far can you push the definition of family?

Can ‘family’ be stretched beyond blood to include your friends during CNY? The hypothesis was a flat ‘no’ by the older clients and a hopeful ‘yes’ by the younger ones. There was little time to debate as CNY was looming so they turned to ADNA to help gain some insight…and fast.

ADNA connected with 1,132 people in Singapore overnight.


80% believe that those friends have as much impact on forging their identity as their ‘blood’ family.

This sparked ADNA’s creative and strategy leads to start bouncing off the audience new consumer journeys and imagery around family at CNY.

A prosperous exercise, indeed.

By radically broaden the meaning of ‘family’ to include friends, ADNA’s Creative Intelligence helped forge new consumption moments during the highly competitive Festive season.

Uncovering white space for brands to explore in the battle for the CNY dollar.