A fast food chain in Japan was experiencing a steady decline in their lunchtime patronage. They assumed that the crowds were being lured away by healthier alternatives, of which there had been a steady rise.

Before embarking on the costly pursuit of reimagining new product lines and menus, ADNA launched a country-wide investigation on scale and at speed to test the client’s hypothesis.


In just days, ADNA connected with over 5,612 people across the country.

The results were deeply revealing.

In Japan, many workers have a strict one hour lunch break. What ADNA uncovered is that workers wishing to maximise their leisure time had started exploring alternatives because the lines in our fast food outlets were too long and taking up too much time.

ADNA’s Creative Intelligence™ gave birth to a whole new gaming and entertainment strategy for customers waiting in line.

In addition, in-line ordering functions were implemented to speed things up including prizes and discounts on food when you get to the counter.

Not a second was wasted!