An internet provider in Africa, whose charter is to provide access to affordable internet, wanted to know if their existing creative campaign, featuring a comic, fair-skinned male with fuzzy hair, would work across cultures in the more remote parts of the country.


They were looking to find a single character for all their communications but before making costly wholesale changes, wanted to learn more about their current assets before commissioning the next iteration.

The biggest concern was that the current character wouldn’t be well received in mixed communities or predominantly black ones.

It was a fair assumption. But also a controversial one.

Whenever race is tackled by marketers it is a sensitive subject. To make it trickier, it was impossible for researchers to access in large numbers people in remote provinces, for which the communications were intended, without it costing a bomb and being a laboriously impractical process.

So, they reached out to ADNA in search of a solution. In just 3 days Audience DNA spoke to 3,687 people, connecting with South Africans all over the country, even in remote villages like Silheweto in Mozambutu, places previously thought impossible.


The breakdown of respondents was carefully engineered to be representative of the different types of communities and cultures, so the people’s thoughts and opinions were equitably heard.

The results were surprising, to say the least.

Contrary to their assumptions, the comedic character was actually well liked by all. Even more surprising, they discovered certain types of comedy were deemed inappropriate.

This was a huge insight for the company.

It not only saved them from a costly course correction, it helped them craft the existing campaign so it would resonate better with its broader audience.

Reaching the remote corners of the country with speed, accuracy and agility, ADNA’s Creative IntelligenceTM gave the internet provider the confidence to back their existing creative campaign across cultures.